10 Best Party Cities in Europe for travelers

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The summer heat in the USA becomes unbearable, staying in office seems to be hours spent in hell and sweat is your best friend when you walk in Central Park. Even day-offs spent in Miami don’t help because some voice whispers: “You must be kidding me. Is it the summer of your dream? Really?!” Who recognized himself – raise your hands. Do you want to “enjoy” stuffy air or it’s time to shake it up? We suggest you are taking a trip with us to the best party cities in Europe and find out how a true nightlife looks like!

1) Barcelona, Spain

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain

This summer Spain invites you to join Rock Fest Barcelona 2019, Sauna Open Air and many other events. The true atmosphere of Barcelona wakes up at night: Spanish guitar is heard almost everywhere as well as rock, jazz, blues. Some night clubs have a design of labyrinths and on the stage, you’ll see Barcelona bands (Groove Armada, Kraftwerk, etc.). If you want to get to know what Naughty Monday is, dance bachata, or play Punto Blanco – you are welcome to one of the biggest party cities in Europe!

Closest airport: Barcelona El-Prat, Barcelona Airport (BCN)

Best clubs: Mosquito Sunset Club, Razzmatazz, Sala Apolo, Opium

Accomodation: minimal price for one night in hostel is 40-60€

2) Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Ayia Napa, Cyprus
The beautiful Marina in Limassol city in Cyprus

Ayia Napa is the best party holiday destination, which also can’t leave any diver indifferent with its perfect sandy beaches and the secret life of azure Mediterranean sea.  Most tourists come here to see the legendary Ayia Napa monastery, but Cyprus inhabitants managed to give a double glory to this sight. Almost all nightlife in Ayia Napa begins exactly next to the monastery, so if you want to be in party places where action is, the city invites you to visit the Bar Street. Nearby Parko Paliatso delights tourists with delicious food and more than 20 rides. You’ll find EVERYTHING at nights in Ayia Napa: from night clubs designed like castles to bubble parties, laser show and dance floors without walls!

Closest airport: Larnaca Airport, Ercan Airport (ECN), Paphos Airport (PFO)

Accommodation: minimal price for one night in a hostel is 40-60€

Best clubs:  Black & White,  Senior Frog’s, Castle, Car Wash

3) Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The city where Mari & Juana are the best friends, and it seems that you can do everything you want in Amsterdam. Sure it’s a joke, but the capital really deserves to be called one of the TOP party cities in Europe. All bars and clubs are classified into territories – clubs at Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein, places nearby the Central Station and small night bars with DJ’s. The most popular place in the city is a Red Light District. A bright example of nightlife extraordinariness in Amsterdam is Paradiso – the club located in a church. Exotic option to spend time for Americans, right? Amsterdam is the best party city in Europe for bachelors!

Closest airport: Amsterdam Airport (AMS)

Accommodation: minimal price for one night in a hostel is 35€

Best clubs: Escape, WesterUnie, Jimmy Woo, Ibiza Club

4) Basel, Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland
Panorama of Basel, Switzerland

For those who want to see the happiest people in the world and figure out what lifestyle they have, we suggest spending their vacation in Basel! How do you like such a plan for the day?

Morning: use tram and go shopping in France.

Lunchtime: drink beer and have fun with friends in Germany.

Late night: actually you can do what you want.

Sounds great? Well, then we’ll give you some advice about locations, famous clubs and bars, and restaurants which make it possible to plunge into another world, full of aristocracy spirit. Basel nightlife is not too active, but this city is the best choice for family trip: romantic ferry rides, Solitude Park, where children can have a lot of fun, Museum Nights…and doesn’t matter if you like hard rock or piano music, in Basel you’ll find the places for any taste.

Closest airport: Euroairport (EAP)

Accommodation: minimal price for one night in a hostel is 25-40€

Best clubs:  Club Borderline, Vice Club, Hinz & Kunz Bar, Nordstern

5) Berlin, Germany

Brandenburg gate at sunset, Berlin

Germany suggests the best party places in Europe. Berlin is famous for its active partying nightlife, which is not surprising considering how many students from all over the world study there. German party-makers do their best to create places and events which correct path to anyone’s heart – no matter where that heart was born. There are 200 nightclubs in Berlin, which are cheaper than in other European cities. Club partying in Berlin lasts for 2-3 days, from Saturday night till Monday! Such nightlife is not for the weaks! Some travel agencies even operate guided tours in bars and cabaret of Berlin! So if you are a desperate “party-taker”, German party-makers know what you need!

Closest airport: Berlin Tegel (TXL), Berlin Schoenefeld (SXF)

Accommodation: minimal price for one night in a hostel is 5€

Best clubs: Berghain, Watergate, Sisyphos, Prinzipal Kreuzberg, KitKatClub

6) Prague, Czech Republic

Sunrise over Prague – look from Charles bridge, early morning

Prague is one of the best party cities in Europe. It’s student city which means a huge number of nightclubs and bars. Parties and concerts in Prague are given every day, the most excitement begins on Friday and Saturday evenings, and often celebration of absolutely occasional events ends only in early morning. Prague Beer Museum can’t be forgotten to mention, because everyone knows that the way to win tourists’ hearts in Czech Republic is beer, which they can enjoy everywhere. For those who love rock, alcohol and delicious food, we suggest visiting the Hard Rock Cafe located in the city center.

Closest airport: Prague Airport (PRG)

Accommodation: minimal price for one night in a hostel is 20€

Best clubs: Karlovy Lazne, Duplex, Roxy, Radost FX, Goldfingers

7) Budapest, Hungary

Budapest parliament at dramatic sunrise

Come here and check: maybe exactly in Budapest you’ll find the best nightlife in Europe for your taste! Budapest is undoubtedly an interesting city with its cultural and historical values, but life is in full swing here 24/7. Nightlife will surprise you with different theme and bath parties, ruin bars, nights in abandoned buildings (with ghosts of course), “swimming” clubs and that’s just a short list! Each nightclub and bar has its story of opening, for example,  bar Keret (“key”) has a legend: once a hippy couple made 200 keys for the apartment and gave them to all friends. Since then from 7-23 p.m. everyone who has a key can come in, and who doesn’t – should call!

Closest airport: Budapest Airport (BUD)

Accommodation: minimal price for one night in a hostel is 20€

Best clubs: Instant, Fogas Ház és Kert, Corvin Club & Roof Terrace

8) Krakow, Poland

Krakow – Poland’s historic center, a city with ancient architecture

Theatres, museums, cathedrals, narrow streets, wonderful architecture, and squares – you’ll find this all in Krakow. But be careful, several bottles of classic polish beer (5-6%) can leave you only blurred memory about nights and parties in Krakow. Clubs here have an unique spirit: candles on walls and ceilings, low lights, basement halls with a special atmosphere. If you had experience of hot partying in Italy, Krakow would become a calm holiday for you. Whatever you say, each country tries to save its culture even in clubbing time – but below we suggest tourists a short list of absolutely different places to go.

Closest airport: John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice

Accommodation: minimal price for one night in a hostel is 4-10€

Best clubs: Four Music, Cocon Music Club, Harris Piano Jazz Bar

9) Copenhagen, Denmark

Scenic evening panorama of Nyhavn pier architecture in the Old Town of Copenhagen

After sunset, Copenhagen wakes up and opens doors to the best party places in Europe. The nightlife in this city is active, sometimes the best clubs can be full and you won’t get in! Parties here are veeeery loud, forget about closing hours before midnight, in Copenhagen you can hang out till the next morning! If you are looking for euro clubbing, world-class jazz, and dance music, here are the best places to go below!

Closest airport: Kastrup (CPH)

Accommodation: minimal price for one night in a hostel is 80€

Best clubs: Culture Box, Rust, The Zoo, La Fontaine

10) Hvar, Croatia

Hvar waterfront sailboat in yachting harbor

Though Hvar isn’t considered to be one of the best party cities in Europe and it can’t be compared with partying in Italy, but violet flowers, vineyards, perfect white sands and beaches is not enough to describe the beauty of this island. It wins the hearts of tourists at first sight. Hvar is a perfect place to relax, but the nightlife here is active too. Beach parties and great restaurants are waiting for you!

Closest airport: Split Airport, Hvar Airport

Accommodation: minimal price for one night in a hostel is 30€

Best clubs: Pink Champagne, Carpe Diem Beach, Central Park, Circle Club


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